Many Idiots Conspiring Routinely Over Software Over-Fucking Techniques
I’d claim the copyright for that off-the-top-of-my-head anagram, but they’d probably sue me.

Like half of America (at least), I’ve spent the last 48 hours offline due to the most recent XP security patch fucking up my system. I called tech support for my ISP at 9 p.m., got some dude in Mexico City who insisted it was my router (this is their script, and it makes me want to strangle someone), and I hung up in frustration. Called back after I hooked the computer directly to the modem, got someone who was willing to admit I wasn’t an idiot, and he couldn’t fix it either. I would probably have made the connection (ha) to the security update if the internet connection hadn’t been screwy all day. But I didn’t.

Next morning, took modem to cable company and traded it in for a new, pocket-sized model. It wouldn’t work either, so I tried installing the modem software (which is pointless). It told me my account status needed to be updated. Called local tech support, and they couldn’t fix it and said they’d need to put in a ticket with the Chicago office and that it would be another (up to) 72 hours to push it through.

I waited about 26 hours, called tech support, heard a recording about the Microsoft security patch issue and it affecting Zone Alarm. Uninstalled security update and Zone Alarm, reset modem, hooked it directly to a computer not running XP, and still no connection. Called tech support, got some guy in Costa Rica, told him to bugger off. Called the local billing office and asked for the number to local tech support, called them, gave them, gave them my ticket number. They got it to work. Yay. So I’m back.

And Microsoft is EVIL. Who wants to bet they shut out Zone Alarm so that XP users would use the intrinsic firewall?

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  1. Werd.

  2. Really? I haven’t heard anything yet about this security patch being such a tosser. Hopefully things will stay okay on my end. (or maybe my wireless going schizo Monday makes up for it.)

  3. Yeah, for anyone running Zone Alarm, it apparently shuts off your internet connection.

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