What Is WITH The Spiders?

Remember a few weeks ago when I found a very large “Southern House Spider” in my bedroom and killed it? Then a couple of days ago when I killed a big Wolf Spider with an egg sac on the porch? Well, that same night I came inside and killed another huge Southern House Spider in my bathroom. The next day, there was one in the tub, and later that day, yet another in the same area as the one the previous day. Three of these big-ass fuckers in one 24-hour period. To say I’ve been a little wigged out is rather understating the matter. I now refuse to enter the bathroom without shoes, until at least the laundry is all done and the house is clean (which it’s not).

When I lived in Seattle, Wolf Spiders were an issue. In the apartment complex where I spent the first two years, anyone with an apartment on the ends of the buildings (ground floor) had Wolf Spider infestations. I saw them. They only come in FUCKING HUGE. Then, when we moved to a house, the first day we moved in, at our initial arrival, the biggest spider I’d ever seen outside of the state of Florida was on the fireplace wall. It was almost the size of my entire hand, at least 4 inches across and probably closer to five. I killed that spider myself (and that took me a long way to losing my terror of spiders), regrettably, since I would rather not have killed our welcome party. I took it as a sign, some sort of totemic notice, but I had no way to put it outside and it certainly wasn’t going to just sit there til I unpacked a container large enough to trap it. So I had to kill it. :( Sad.

Then, in our two years in that house, we had them often. The house had hardwood floors except in the kitchen/baths (tile) and two bedrooms (carpet, one of which I ripped out to reveal the hardwood beneath). The spiders always showed up in the evening, running across the living room. I cleverly surmised (ha ha) that they were coming in from the garage, and so this prompted me to thoroughly clean and paint said garage (found many many spiders) and trim back the rhododendron bushes against the front of the house. The spiders didn’t show up as often after that, but I began to notice a trend. Anytime that I’d dealt with a stressful issue (particularly a panic attack or fear-related issue) during the day, that night I’d encounter a wolf spider in the house. I killed them, too, because I didn’t have as much incentive to trap them as I had the original visitor. One of them took me on a chase through the entire house, hauling its little spidey ass at spidey-lightspeed through the living room, down the long hallway, and right into my bedroom where it went inside a small chest of drawers. I had to take the drawers out to get the thing, which comes in second in my spider killing resume under “bravest acts of determination.”

Nowadays, I seem to notice large spider infestations when someone is sending negative thoughts my way. I won’t go so far as to cry “Psychic Attack!!” but they appear to be a physical manifestation of other peoples’ strong negative emotions regarding me, and only when there’s a concentration of it. So, obviously, now I’m wondering who is talking about me or emoting my direction in such a furor to cause no fewer than four 3-inch-plus spiders inside a 24-hour period (counting the porch-dwelling wolf spider with its unhatched brood). Typically, this would require banishment and resetting of wards, but I am averse to ritual in a dirty house, so it’ll have to wait a few days until things are properly cleaned and spiffed up.

But I am a wary camper. Perhaps I should call upon my shadow totem, alligator, to help guard the premises. It must be good for something besides constantly invading my dreams.

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  1. Interesting correlation there between spiders and gossip. Weaving of tales and all it involves.

  2. Yeah, it is intriguing. That part never really dawned on me. :)

    I can’t get the ravatars to work anymore. :(

  3. ew..spiders….*shudders* i just got done dealing with one bugger that refused to die no matter how many attempts i made to kill it. and now that i look back it did show up right around the time i was just starting to begin a major change in my life. heh. interesting. hope all is well other than the spiders.

  4. Spiders are fascinating, as long as they are outside and out of my way. lol

  5. I like spiders, and have never had any trouble with them … got bit by a Northern Recluse and apparently not allergic to spider spit.

    It’s the darn webs they leave across the walkway that irritate me, invisible in the morning when I leave for work, then I can feel the sticky strand on my face all day.

  6. hah yeah…..horrible buggers. as long as they don’t come anywhere near me im fine. they come in my room though..they’re dead lol. i killed one once in the bathroom with hairspray…*shrug* it worked.it was a big ugly one too.

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