Recipe: Homemade Potato Soup

This is our family recipe for Homemade Potato Soup. It’s very good, but you will want to adjust according to your preferred spices and whatnot.

Sheta’s Homemade Potato Soup

To make enough to feed a party or freeze in individual bowls for later, peel a 10-lb bag of potatoes and dice into 1/2″ to 1″ cubes.

Dice one onion. Add onion and potatoes to a stock pot and boil in salted water until tender. Drain as much water as you can without worrying much about getting every drop.

Return potatoes and onion to pan and add just enough milk to cover. Add one stick butter, and about 4 oz of Velveeta. You can substitute the real cheese of your choice, but Velveeta melts well and isn’t greasy, plus it just works well in this recipe. Add salt, pepper, and any other seasoning you like, to taste.

In skillet, fry 4 or 5 strips of bacon. Cool and crumble. Add bacon and the drippings to the soup. Mix well and heat through.

Serve. It’s heaven when you’re having tummy troubles or it’s cold outside. In southeast Texas it’s almost never cold outside, so I’m passing along the recipe in July cuz it makes no difference to me – and we just made some a week ago so the recipe was handy. Enjoy!

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