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Today in History

On June 25, 1876, Lt. Col. George A. Custer and his 7th Cavalry were wiped out by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians in the Battle of Little Big Horn in Montana. (source: The New York Times)

I remember that. :) In the only past life regression I ever had of which I was able to validate historical facts and accuracies, I was Cheyenne. Long story, and very personal. I might get around to telling it someday. I also may never tell it, as it’s one thing that means so much to me that to have it come under debate might actually hurt my feelings. :) It’s also the only regression I ever had after which I continued to have memories resurface at random times once it was over. To this day.

Warning: TMI of the Gastrointestinal Variety

In the “unrelated” portion of this post, I’ve been violently ill for the past 24 hours. I have developed food sensitivities for unknown reasons in recent years, and Monday I was having problems related to that. Then yesterday I ate something that really made me sick. I started out with sharp pains to the area of my abdomen that I associate with my Crohn’s disease, which wrapped around my back as per normal. It got progressively worse, and then along came some very un-nifty waves of extreme nausea to go with it. TMI: For years now, no matter how sick I get, I can’t throw up without sticking my finger down my throat. Even then, it won’t work unless I’m really, really sick. But last night, I revisited the days of wracking spasms, dry heaves, and the fervent wish for death that accompany them. I was sweating buckets, literally dripping with sweat during the waves of nausea, then between them I’d shiver and freeze. I was disoriented and I even feared for my safety due to the level of disorientation, but the fear was sort of distant and uninvolved. Once that passed, I emptied my system via projectile diarrhea. Oh joy. But finally, around 8:30 this morning, I was able to sleep.

I still feel lousy and still have the sharp Crohn’s style pains, so I haven’t eaten anything today. I might indulge in some chicken broth later, perhaps a cracker or two if I’m feeling brave. But I think it’s safe to consider me out of the running for at least the remainder of today.

Adjust your requirements for my time accordingly.

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  1. Hopefully you’re feeling better now.

  2. So far today, I’m doing all right. Though I’ve only been up for 20 minutes, lol, so we’ll see. :) Thanks.

  3. Hey, wish that you are feeling alright already when you are reading this. Speedy recovery and have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    BKs last blog post..Where Is The Quietest Place On Earth?

  4. Thanks so much for the good wishes. I’m doing much better, finally. :)

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