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A lot of bloggers use day-of-the-week topics, such as “Sunday Scribbles,” “Thankful Thursday,” and so forth. I don’t think I am very good at keeping up such a routine, but if it happens, I don’t mind using the label. So here’s a survey meme I ran into this morning while EntreCard hopping. I thought it was interesting.

On the outside

Name: Sheta
Birthday: 29 March
Current Status: Involved with a dead guy – very long term
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Currently, “dark mahogany brown.” Naturally: light to medium brown with sun-streaked highlights in summer.

On the inside

My Fear: Dark water. Bugs crawling on me in my bed.
My Weaknesses: I give away too much. (Deliberately ambiguous, there.)
My Perfect Pizza: Giovanni’s Pizza in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

My thoughts on first waking up: “I need to pee. NOW.”
My bedtime: It varies wildly. Could be 8 a.m., 8 p.m. or 3 in the afternoon, depending on what sleep issues I may be experiencing.
My most missed memory: I think my memory paints some things better and some things worse than they actually were, but that said, I think I miss most the things that I took for granted – days at the pool (it’s gone now), lunches at the Hamburger Inn, friends I thought were forever, places I may never see again, and the extended family gatherings that my daughter has never seen.

Your picks

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
Single or group dates: Dates? You mean the fruit? :P
Adidas or Nike: Payless. LOL Actually, my favorite sneakers are made by Union Bay.
Tea or Nestea: Oh please. Nestea is revolting. Brew your own.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Alone, chocolate. With pie or cake, vanilla.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Latte – Mocha with hazelnut. Meridjet calls it “candy in a cup” but I can’t abide coffee under most circumstances.

Do you

Smoke: No
Curse: “When you go into a bar, ten minutes later sailors come running out. What’s up with that?” Samuel L. Jackson in The Long Kiss Goodnight
Take a shower: Of course
Have a crush: Eh. Sometimes.
Think you’ve been in love: Yes, muchly.
Go to school: No
Want to get married: To a man? Not particularly.
Believe in yourself: Yes, with caveats.
Think you’re a health freak: No.

In the past

Smoked: Yeah, for 25 years, from age 13 to 38. I quit all at once, too. I got mad.
Gone to the mall: Uh, yeah, once or twice. :P
Been on stage: Yes
Eaten sushi: Yes, it’s disgusting.
Dyed your hair: Yes

Have you ever

Played a stripping game: Believe it or not, no
Changed who you were to fit in: In junior high. Since then, no.
Done something your kids will never know about (at least till they are adults): Sure, but I am very open with her about most things. Details about my sex life don’t need to be known.

Age you’re hoping to

Get married: What does this have to do with age?
Take your dream vacation: ASAP?

In a guy

Best eye color: He says they’re gray; I say they change and are often green. A muddy green.
Best hair color: Dark
Short hair or long hair: Depends on the guy. I like both, but long, LONG hair is no longer my thing.
Best attribute: Dedication to the relationship, which would encompass everything from tolerance and understanding to communication and openness.

What were you doing

A minute ago Talking to the birds
An hour ago Brushing my teeth
A month ago No idea
A year ago Getting home from work.

Finish the sentences

I love: Meridjet, family, life
I feel: sort of blank, right now
I hate: deception
I hide: nothing, and I need to start keeping more to myself.
I miss: Meridjet, Tracey, more carefree times.
I need: to get organized, seriously, in a solid way.

Sheta Kaey About Sheta Kaey

I teach people to perceive, communicate, and work with spirits. Beyond that, I'm kinda normal.

Sometimes I write things. Sometimes I edit things. Sometimes, people even see them.


  1. I enjoyed your answers. Especially your missed memories- sounds a lot like what I miss.

    Thanks for playing along!

    Melanies last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #79

  2. Thanks for coming by! :) It was a good meme.

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