Spirit Companion.com Receives Positive Review

This is exciting news! The site has just received its first review, and it’s a positive one! We’ve been tagged as “Extraordinary” and “Rare,” as well. Very cool! It’s not a review I requested (at least not that I can remember), so that makes it extra special. The review can be found at The Blog Reviewer.

The site was loading slowly for the reviewer, and I’ve had issues with sporadic downtime and of course the recent crashes. I’m going to be talking to my web host, and possibly moving if they can’t convince me that these issues can be resolved for the long term. The last thing any site needs is downtime right as it is reviewed and gets a jump in traffic.

Thanks so much to The Blog Reviewer for hir time. I’m posting the body of the review behind the cut for my own records.

Topics like the one discussed by this blog is not new to me since I also had experiences with such. Infinite Possibility – Living and Working with Spirits is a site that gives a relatively rare perspective and topic for a blog. Discussing about astrology and the world of spirits is a topic which for many are of great interests because the do really live with us.

And the quote on the blog which says, “Limitation only exist in our minds” is indeed 100% true. Our minds Limit us from seeing things which we could have seen and experience. Our fear prevents us from knowing what is existing with us.


  • Layout – 8
  • Content – 10
  • Coherence – 10
  • Reach – 8
  • Readability – 9
  • Overall Rating – 7

Simple layout with yet another good color scheme. A commendable blog with focus on the topics and posts. Kudos for the innovativeness and activeness in posting great articles. Although I just noticed that the site loading turns out to be a little slow and there are some broken links… although I do not know if that is with my computer only.

On another though I think the database should be worked on a bit to avoid further crash because such a crash is devastating to a website or blog.

So for your insight on the spirit world… check out Infinite Possibilities.

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Labels: Extraordinary, Rare

My only complaint is that the “Overall Rating” does not reflect the average of the other ratings. The other ratings total up to 45, and when divided by the number of ratings, 5, it comes to 9, not 7. But that’s just logic. ;)

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  1. Sweet!

  2. Wow. I read the story on your main page, or the entry, and just… wow.
    Doubting your own sanity is a hard experience…and learning to find it, or rediscover it, is even harder. It’s amazing to hear about how Meridjet helped her, and to just read a tiny bit of her story.

    Cieras last blog post..

  3. Thank you! I’m glad you found the site interesting. I’m excited about the new folks visiting. I hope you’ll come back. We do have a LiveJournal syndicated account at “meridjetfeed” if you are interested in adding us.

  4. Sorry about the typo error on the review. The overall rating should really be 9 and not 7. :) Thanks for the link.

    Shens last blog post..An Ice on the Web

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