Just a Warning

Well, the site crashed again and I’ve lost a variety of settings. I’ll try to re-upload the database again later and see if they return, but if not at least I have my posts.

My life is chaos and I’ve been alternately stressed and depressed with random bouts of deeply morose reclusiveness. I need to take personal inventory and let go of some things so I can get the rest in order, so I need to figure out what is important to me. When I am depressed, my instinct (like everyone’s at such times) is to withdraw, so I am fighting that but having difficulty finding anyone available, ironically. I am trying to remember my old calming therapies, like Photoshopping, that I haven’t done in a long time. I spent yesterday offline doing that.

If any reader of this blog is interested in volunteering for Rending the Veil, we’re in serious need of programmers and web editors. I’d like to find someone to be a second Assistant Managing Editor who’d be willing to take over a lot of the web editing and management for a few issues. Gerald doesn’t have time right now to take over and is mostly serving as an idea person at this stage. But I need a break in order to do the above mentioned inventory. If interested in helping out, email me.

I’m almost afraid to breathe on this site due to repeated crashes, so will be backing up often and cutting back on the plugins in the days to come. Not sure how much I’ll be posting. We’ll see.

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I teach people to perceive, communicate, and work with spirits. Beyond that, I'm kinda normal.

Sometimes I write things. Sometimes I edit things. Sometimes, people even see them.

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