My Computer Caught a Cold

I downloaded a theme for Windows XP from (the page of the particular theme is here), and it was infected. It infected every .exe file in my Downloads folder, and possibly more, as once I’d deleted the file and cleaned up the folder I browsed to another folder in My Documents (parent of Downloads) and got another alert for the same virus.

Results in, and appears that it got all the .exe files in the Documents and Settings folder, which is bad. System Restore to a point three hours prior to this fiasco had no effect. So I may be doing something more drastic. Will need to Google, and see if it hit any installed program files. Firefox tested clean, so that’s a good sign. The virus is Win32/Gaelicum.A.

This is a real pain in the ass. So beware, and don’t let boredom with your same old boring choices in XP drive you to use themes from here. I followed a recommendation from another site, so I am not sure if it’s the one file or the whole site. Stinks, though.

ETA: Over 90 files were infected. I found a fix online and ran it in safe mode, and all appears to be well. Hopefully there will be no further issues.

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