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I was having a chat with a long-lost, rediscovered friend today that resulted in some stuff I wanted to save. Skim if you like, but I recommend reading. We were discussing qabala, and I found some quotes…

Sheta: “The word nephesh (soul) designates the lower self in the time of sleep, whilst the term ‘ruach’ is applied to it in its state of wakefulness and activity on the earth plane. The nephesh and ruach proceed from one and the same origin, being only productions of one principle, the spirit or higher self.”

Sheta: ha ha which is a paradox, to me.

Sheta: “When the neshama, the spiritual ego or higher self, prevails and rules within a man, he becomes holy and divine, because he then begins to conform himself to the image or likeness of the Holy One. The nephesh is the lower part of the individuality and its personal manifestation is the outward material body. Without the one, the other could not exist. As the body is to the nephesh so is this nephesh to the ruach. The ruach is superior to the nephesh and is referred to in the words, ‘Until the ruach (translated spirit) be poured upon us from on high’.”

L: Well, the nephesh is very powerful… I’ve been dealing with a lot of bad mental images. It seems the more I give them attention as a threat and banish them, the stronger they get. It’s impossible to banish now… the negative images in my mind… the nephesh is powerful.

Sheta: Maybe it’s obsession. I have had problems with that. Focus = power. You are giving them power by focusing on them.

L: Banishing doesn’t help though. It gives it more power.

Sheta: Ever see Fantastic Four?

L: ya

Sheta: Throwing any energy at Doom just made him stronger. And everything is energy. So if you find that doing x = making it stonger, then do y. If banishing = strength, invoke them and release them, perhaps. Acknowledge them and tell them they are irrelevant.

Sheta: Negs, imho, really like to fuck with you and get emotional responses. They feed on them. You have to ignore them and feel nothing in response for them to get bored and go elsewhere. Negs = spirits that want to mess with you to feed on the resulting fear, pain, depression, and so forth. Particularly tears and real distress. They can mimic our spirit companions, guides, etc. very convincingly.

L: It’s hard to ignore them when the image they put in front of you really pisses you off and gets to you.

Sheta: Well, you are the one with the power, so are you going to give it to them or use it yourself? Nike: Just do it. Gets easier every time. Practice makes perfect, but don’t seek out opportunities. Just walk away, and refuse to care.

Sheta: Let me tell you something. Letting go is the hardest thing ever. It’s something that is equally hard every single time. But don’t quit or give up, and work it, and it’ll happen, and you’ll be stunned at how easy it was when it finally lets go inside you and just…. flows. So simple, and so bleeding hard to allow.

Sheta: Sit down at a table and work the issue you fear until you are done. Use a guide, intuition, help, whatever, and refuse to quit until you’ve felt that grip loosen and your pain evaporates. It may return, but that’s a problem for later. Don’t let anything ever stop you or discourage you so much that you can’t get up one more time, even if it’s later and not this second. You can always keep going, and the goal is always getting closer, even when it seems an infinite distance away. Cuz it always feels that way, up until the very second it breaks through. you can’t see it coming, you just have to have faith that it is. And a spiritual winter …. you’re still growing, but the “roots,” the support system of your being that you can’t see or feel.

Sheta: This is all, every bit, the voice of pure agonized experience.

L: I can’t thank you enough, Sheta, your words have helped me greatly. I was on the right track by ignoring it and just letting it go. The images can’t hurt me….you can see it can’t you? You can see what’s obsessing me?

Sheta: Not specifically, but I can feel it some. It feels like a relationship gone bad, but I may be misinterpreting. But no one is ever so important to you that you become nothing in comparison. They were a part of shaping who you are, but don’t let that shape you into something ugly. You can get past that and into the good parts of the lesson.

L: Wow. You hit the nail on the head… The hate almost turned me into something evil.

Sheta: I completely understand. And this is even part of my current lesson. I’ll tell you something else I just learned: If you are dragged into one extreme and then the other with disaster in both situations, then find yourself wondering what the point of all that was, know this — if you have a full spectrum of understanding, from one extreme to the other, and you integrate those lessons over time in a positive way (and it takes time and patience, but don’t quit), you will suddenly realize that you have an amazing set of tools and empathic spectrum at your disposal. You will understand so much about the human spirit, because you will have lived it. And that is the best gift you can ever give to anyone else.

Sheta: These things happen to us not because we deserve them, but because they enrich us in ways we won’t see for maybe years. If we allow ourselves to trust our own process, even if we’ve had trouble before or backslid, we will so far surpass anything we ever dreamed of that we will not recognize who we were before these events happened. And it’s a gift. Pain is a gift that is hard to accept, but so very profound. The best tool to start with is learning not to suffer when you are being taught a hard lesson. Don’t take it personally. It’s not about your sins or your rewards or your punishments. It’s about what the PTB think you can handle, what you’re ready for.

Sheta: Sometimes it’ll be bliss. Sometimes it’ll be very painful. But without those deep wells of anguish, bliss could never be. Kahlil Gibran – the deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. Learn to find gratitude. There is more bliss in gratitude than anything I’ve ever felt. More than in love, because really it is a very pure form of love. I probably sound nuts.

L: You sound more sane than everyone else I’ve talked to. Well then, I must have really nice coming for all the sorrow. I try to learn from it and when I analyze what happened, it really does seem planned out, because it taught me things that I would never have learned on my own… how to forgive. Now how to persevere so these damn images don’t mess with me anymore.

Sheta: Yeah. Every challenge will come back later in a way that shows you plainly how you are now using that lesson for good. I’ve seen it take over 5 years to come back, and they can be very confusing years, but it does come.

Chat log used with permission of chat partner, whose name has been changed on request. Edited for typos.

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