A Dream of Meridjet — and Donald Tyson

I met Donald Tyson (online) in 1999 when he was writing his book Sexual Alchemy. A friend of mine mentioned the upcoming book to me, so I emailed Don about it, as it was the first time I’d ever heard of anyone else with a spirit companion. He replied, and I was also his first encounter with anyone else in the situation. We wrote a couple of times and stopped.

Later, when I started my Spirit Companion Yahoogroup in 2001, he sent a few people my way and eventually joined for a while. After some interaction, his concerns regarding his privacy won over his need to socialize, and he dropped out. By then, we had started chatting on a daily basis on Yahoo IM, and grew very close, and he grew close to Meridjet as well. I am willing to say that up until he got married this past January, I knew Don better than anyone outside his immediate family (and perhaps among them). I may know him better than his wife in some ways, still.

Over the years that followed, our chats became more sporadic, though we still chat on occasion and still email. He has mentioned us in all of his spirit-oriented books – Sexual Alchemy, Familiar Spirits, and Soul Flight – as well as some of my more unusual experiences, though he does not use anyone’s name when he does this. I’m typically described as “a woman I know.” lol

But in all this time, I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt of him before. My dreams tend to locations I only know in the dream world, and only rarely do I dream of people I know, either. So it’s a rare dream of Meridjet, alas, but when they do happen, I’m thrilled.

I emailed Don a bit ago regarding today’s dream. I’m going to give you the gist of that email here to save typing.

In the early part of the dream, I was in Meridjet’s mother’s house with his mom, some children (not sure whose), and some guy who was like their lawyer. I was looking at old photos and his private memorabilia, including stuff like buttons (badges with silly things on them) he’d worn and event memorabilia, all organized in these scrapbooks and stuff. I found several calendars he’d taken notes in. I remarked that I used to do the same thing — write down events in my calendars and datebooks and save them as memorabilia. Sort of like short diary entries. I was pleased. I was also aware that I was taking his girlfriend’s (when he was alive) place, somehow. In this first part, I think he was dead.

Later, I was hanging out with a group of people in a grocery store, not sure why. I was going through a bunch of gifts to me. I think they were from my mother; at very least, the gifts I focused on for the details to follow seemed to be from her. The gifts I found were a jar or can of coffee, and two large gold-colored bags of coffee. It was all special coffee, perhaps gourmet, but I am not really a coffee drinker. I said to my companions, “I think Don drinks coffee, and I bet he’d like it. He is usually hanging out in Aisle 5.” So I took off to Aisle 5 to find Don. I stopped to get a large fountain drink, a Dr. Pepper, to take to him for some reason.

He were there, squatting down looking at something on a lower shelf with a couple of items in his arms. He saw me and stood up, and I told him about the coffee. I told him that I’d probably keep one bag but that he was welcome to the rest of it. I was still holding the Dr. Pepper when the old girlfriend walked up. She tried to take the cup from me to give it to Don, and I wouldn’t let her. I told her I could do it myself, thanks. Then I took a drink.

I don’t remember if he accepted the offer of the coffee or if I ever handed him the cup. I know the girlfriend was despondent and was trying to find a way to win some points against me, but I didn’t find her remotely threatening. She wandered off, and I think that’s when I woke up. I believe Meridjet was alive or somehow present in this portion of the dream though I don’t specifically remember seeing him. I have a vague memory of his hair.

There is clearly some symbolism and some straightforward stuff (in my opinion). I have dreamt of Meridjet’s mother several times in the past year, and the dreams are always very mundane and family-cozy, if that makes sense.

I’m intrigued by all this, to say the least, and by the fact that I woke up at 4 pm and started to get up, and next thing I knew it was 6:30 and I was waking from this dream. Hmm.

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