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Among the stranger synchronicities of recent days, today I found myself Wiki-ing Joey Ramone, who has been on my mind all night, only to discover that today is his birthday. He would have been 57 this year, which makes him ten years older than I am. Or would have.

Once during a week of weird behavior on Meridjet’s part, I showed up at our “astral house” (a shared space, construct, or whatever) to find him talking to a very tall and lanky guy I could have sworn was Joey Ramone. I promptly about-faced and hid in the kitchen til he was gone. This probably makes me the wimpiest person ever: either I missed my chance to meet a dead punk idol, or I am afraid of my own imagination. Ha.

I was never hugely into the punk scene, but I sort of admired it from afar (much like hiding in the kitchen, now that I think about it) and wished I had the guts to go there. I was a sorry excuse for a rebel on that note, as the musical heroes of my youth don’t really bear much mention anymore. But I recognized the greatness, even if it was too much for me to be near. I finally got around to seeing the Ramones play in (I think) 1987, when I believe Marky was back on the drums. I only knew I had a fascination with them but knew next to nothing about them. I’d seen Rock and Roll High School a bunch of times, and that is, again, something like hiding. The show, at a Houston club I only ever went to once (they come and go so often), had the first mosh pit I’d ever seen. I was enthralled but wouldn’t brave it. The Ramones were a seminal experience, and I’m very glad I went. At least I managed to do that much.

But meeting Joey, imagination or not (and who knows, really), was too intimidating. I wouldn’t have known how to act. The documentary on the band, End of the Century, has been on Showtime or some such in recent weeks. I caught half a couple of weeks ago, and the rest last night. So I was thinking of them all night, particularly Joey, due to the astral event and the fact that I’d never known he and Johnny had been on the outs for so many years prior to his death. I also, for some reason, had been thinking that Dee Dee had died first.

Happy birthday, Joey, wherever you are.

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  1. Haha, you should ask M if that was him! That would be cool.

    I remember getting sad once looking at a bunch of old pictures from the beginnings of the punk scene. I was sad that I hadn’t been there to be a part of it because it looked like so much fun.

    *goes off to find my own fun*

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