I’ve Officially Reached Geekdom

I just built a new PC for my daughter and I to share. I harvested an old Dell case, gutted it to get a look at the bits, ordered a new motherboard w/AMD processor, power supply, heat sink, and 2 gigs of RAM. It cost right at $150. I put it together, added a newish dvd/cd burner, an old floppy, my zip drive and the 250 gig hard drive from my old computer (wiped). I wanted the experience because I’m putting together a computer repair service out of the house.

It wouldn’t power up. I took it completely apart, did some Googling, fixed a few odds & ends. Still wouldn’t power up. My motherboard map sheet was getting dog-eared. I finally reset the CMOS header, not expecting it to do shit, but that was the final issue and it powered up. We have a choice PC for cheap. Woohoo! :D I am all proud of myself.

I’m going to go to bed now. I have been up right at 24 hours, though I had a nap at 1 a.m. I suppose I can be forgiven a couple of minor setbacks in my project, under the circumstances. ;) Now if the OS installs without giving me a horrible time of it, I’ll be pleased. But that’s for tomorrow.

Good night.

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  1. I am in awe! I truly believe the Geeks shall rule the world hehehe

    I can barely get my laptop to connect to my router – the most I can do is keep turning it on and off and crossing my fingers. (It connects just fine to my neighbors or any where else, just hardly to mine wireless).

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    • Do you have your router password protected? Have you set up the network for your laptop in “My Networks”? There should be an icon in your system tray that will show you your connection strength etc. If that fails, try resetting the router. I have to reset mine quite a bit. It chokes up on certain downloads, and then I can’t connect via a browser til I reset.

  2. I don’t a psword on the router. The whole network thing is way over my head – it used to connect way back when, don’t know what changed so that now it doesn’t. I’ve tried just about everything and usually end up with the message if this didn’t work – see you network manager

    duh! hehehe like I have a network manager LOL

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  3. Google “how to add computer to home network” and see what you can find on step by step instructions of how to do it. :) You’d be surprised what you can find. It’s how I learned all about adding hardware and reformatting hard drives, and all that stuff. :D

  4. That’s really cool. My first three computers were all made out of spare parts from other people’s old ones. They did everything I needed them to do at the time too. I didn’t make them though. I’m not very good with computers past what I need to know.

    • Her first computer was a Frankenputer, too. This one is gonna rock if I ever get done installing the software. lol

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