Los Angeles: City of the Soulsuckers

Here there be random bitching about celebrity.

Annie Leibovitz is a world-renowned photographer who was créme de la créme when I first started reading Rolling Stone magazine in the mid-70s. Who the hell are the Moral Majority to criticize a goddess such as she? Why in the hell should she apologize? Okay, wait, let me back up for those who haven’t heard.

Leibovitz evidently photographed 15-year-old Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Hannah Montana) for Vanity Fair, including a shot of Miley’s bare back, with her front covered by a draped silk sheet in a sultry pose — if “sultry” to you means something on par with “double beds in the showroom window are pornographic.” Yet it is alluring — not sexy, but alluring — and it’s also a time-proven pose that was surpassed routinely in the 1950s. Nothing risqué about it.

But omg! Wait! This is the New Amerika, where little girls up to the age of menopause are incapable of choosing how to police their own bodies and anyone who bleeds is in perpetual “may become pregnant” status. So of course there must be moral indignation and outrage among the populace, with debate on every shore regarding the appropriateness of this once-harmless photo. Let me tell you something from the perspective of one who knows: You take a harmless situation like this and inject it with all sorts of ominous underhandedness (which they project at Leibovitz) and exploitation martyrdom coupled with murmurs of impropriety (projected at the young Cyrus), and via the magic act of stupid human bullshit, the worriers inject harm into a situation which previously held none at all. Cyrus, untroubled by the classic pose, is now very likely to be agonizing over it (plus those photos of her with her ex-boyfriend on the internet) in every conceivable way, terrified of judgment from bosses to teachers to friends to friends’ parents to fans to the stupidest people of all, the outraged parents of the fans.

I hereby vote that for the rest of humankind existence, a basic IQ test be required for anyone wishing to procreate. People just piss me off. Grow a brain, get a clue, and leave an innocent girl and a respected artist alone in their choices. STFU. Let s/he who has never been misunderstood be the first to judge. This was not a mistake on the part of the participants, but a mistake on the part of the observers. You want to know who is exploiting this situation? Think about it. Who’s bleating the loudest?

In other news, Ghost Rider is the single worst movie ever made and Nicolas Cage should really have to pay a fine and volunteer for public questioning of his motives, intelligence, and sanity. It was horrible. Painfully bad. I may never recover.

Hollywood is impossible to comprehend. And while I’m complaining, can someone please hold Nicole Kidman down and dye her hair back to red and tell her that she used to be beautiful, but this whole “classy lady” routine just makes her ugly? Thanks.

I’m gonna have to rethink that plan to move to Beverly Hills, I guess.

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