Funny Anecdotes to Blush By

I think I have to start carrying around a little notebook so that when I see/hear/think of something funny or significant, I can write it down to blog later. There have been at least three occasions in the past week when I’ve said, “I have to blog about this!” only to forget, and now I can’t remember any of them, of course. But I do remember something else.

Since being saddled with the sad state of No Cable Movie Channels and being forced to watch regular commercial television, I’ve noticed something. Back a couple of years ago, Beggin’ Strips dog treats came out with a commercial that featured a “dog nose cam” that had the camera as the dog’s eye view, with its nose visible in front as the “dog” ran around the house seeking the bacon it smelled. The commercial proclaimed, “Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon!” cuz, you know, dogs have a lousy sense of smell and all that. Uh-huh. In any case, in recent weeks I’ve seen another product using the dog nose cam. I’m usually watching TV with no sound and the captioning turned on, while lying in bed, so when the commercial comes on I always think it’s the Beggin’ Strips commercial. But it turns out it’s a commercial for Odor Eaters shoe inserts. Okay then.

I have a rather random sense of humor, especially when I’m tired. I saw this commercial one night and a few of the nine million car insurance commercials that play so often at night, and I told my daughter: “Picture this. There’s the dog nose cam running around in search of whatever that smell is, and he runs up to the Geico gecko, who explains to him about his little tour of the aquariums and zoos and whatnot for whatever reason. The dog replies with, “Bacon?”

Yeah. It would be the first commercial crossover episode. Bound to make millions. lol.

Another oddity: Tonight I opened the freezer to get some ice from my old fashioned ice tray (no automatic icemaker being hooked up), and discovered a thin, inverted icicle. As in, my ice cube tray had an erection. There is absolutely no physical reason I can think of why a 2-inch long, 3-mm thick and tapering to a point, icicle would be standing up from an ice cube in my ice tray. I just figure that Meridjet is waving hello in his typically risque way. Don’t believe me? You don’t know him yet. One of my favorite stories, which I have yet to tell on this blog, is this. There was a time, early on in our relationship but not so early that it would make sense, that I became sort of obsessed with the thought of Meridjet’s goodies, to a degree that was decidedly out of character for me. I’m not really the goodies-focused type, but it got to the point where I started to worry. So I asked him, bluntly, “Do you think I’m getting dick fixated?” He thought about this for a long moment with a grave expression. Then he replied, very seriously, “I hope so.”

And that is Meridjet in a nutshell. Pun definitely intended. (That story cracks me up every time I remember it. I think it was the first time he made me laugh out loud without me having a chance to consider who was around, first. :D )

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  1. hahahaha!! That SO sounds like him.

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