Since I Needed More Iron in My Diet…

On impulse, my daughter and I bought tickets to Iron Man, a movie I intended to see but not right that minute. It was friggin’ amazing. Phenomenal. I loved it. Okay, so I’m an easy sell when it comes to comic book superhero movies and many flawed blockbusters. I’ll even admit to having a soft spot in my heart for cheesy B-movies. Cases in point: I loved Lake Placid (cheesy), TMNT (blockbuster), Transformers (blockbuster), The Girl Next Door (somewhat cheesy), Blades of Glory (guilty pleasure cheesy to the max blockbuster) (and I usually despise Will Farrell, so don’t give up on me just yet), and one of my favorite movies is Sahara (I’m not real sure what it is). But Iron Man brought Sheta-sock-rocking to a whole new level, a level I hadn’t even guessed was possible.

It was the geekiest of all geek movies. The protagonist, Tony Stark, a weapons manufacturer who survives imprisonment in a Middle Eastern war camp and gains a new respect for the killing potential of his weapons, becomes Iron Man to stop the weapons he created from doing any more harm. He has the sexiest lab you have ever seen. I’m not kidding. The interactive hologram technology is so cool I thought I was gonna moan aloud. The robots responding to everything he said, no matter how arbitrary, were delightful. And the suit? Oh. My. God.

It walks, it flies, it shoots, it blows things up with sonic something or other, it has a talking computer and he can transfer anything from his home network to the suit, instantly. It has nifty supercar dashboard type graphics that make the Terminator look like 1940 in comparison. He can almost orbit in the damn thing. He can travel around the world fast enough to rival Superman, and I’m willing to bet he could kick Superman’s ass. The suit is teh sex. I am serious.

Robert Downey, Jr. is a contemporary of mine, in terms of age (I wish I knew him! ha!). I really loved him in the early days of his career and rooted for him all through his battle with addiction. When he finally had to serve prison time and faded from view, I was sad. I am very, very glad to see him making such a hugely strong return in this movie. And just like in the 80s, he is also teh sex. YuuummmMY.

I was trying to think on the way home, and I honestly can’t come up with a superhero movie that holds a candle to this. Prior to this, the X-Men were my favorite. Iron Man blows them all away. I’m passionately in favor of this movie making a trillion dollars and saving the world. I may lack the ability to spot issues or plot holes when I’m in the throes of technological ecstasy, but I hope I’m never disillusioned with Iron Man, because, um, wow. Just wow. Go see it. Right now.

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  1. Great review. I was wondering how good the movie could be. You make it sound like something worth seeing!

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  2. It was really great. I want to see it again. :) Much, much better than I expected.


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