Personal Growth Discussion

I was having a chat with a long-lost, rediscovered friend today that resulted in some stuff I wanted to save. Skim if you like, but I recommend reading. We were discussing qabala, and I found some quotes… Sheta: “The word nephesh (soul) designates the lower self in the time of sleep, whilst the term ‘ruach’Continue reading

This Tarot Generator Always Kicks My Butt

Osho Zen Tarot card of the day: Control Generate your own ass-kicking here. Controlled persons are always nervous because deep down turmoil is still hidden. If you are uncontrolled, flowing, alive, then you are not nervous. There is no question of being nervous – whatsoever happens, happens. You have no expectations for the future, youContinue reading

A Dream of Meridjet — and Donald Tyson

I met Donald Tyson (online) in 1999 when he was writing his book Sexual Alchemy. A friend of mine mentioned the upcoming book to me, so I emailed Don about it, as it was the first time I’d ever heard of anyone else with a spirit companion. He replied, and I was also his firstContinue reading

Heads Up for the Unwary, and an Apology

I’ve adapted this post from an email I sent to my staff list (the staff of Rending the Veil). I feel it is pertinent enough to pass to others who may have to deal with me. The first paragraph is business, then it gets personal. I have a couple of things to bring up, ifContinue reading

Trust is a Difficult Issue

For documentation purposes, I need to post about a recent event, though there’s only so much I want to post publicly. I’m looking into a way to filter some posts to registered users of this site, but for now I will only give a sketchy description and it will have to do. A couple of weeks ago, Meridjet encouraged me to go out on a limb in a situation I was having trouble with. He told me that if I would trust him and “do what you need to do,” that it would resolve itself within a few days. He gave a specific day, Wednesday, and of course I took it to mean the following Wednesday. He also said that holding on to a situation too tightly out of