I Got Fitted

I got fitted for a bra today. I’ve lost weight and I was having the world’s worst time trying to find one that fit. So I went to Lane Bryant (the store for cool & trendy fat chick clothes) and got a free fitting. The verdict? Are you sitting down? 42G or 44F (whichever I found more comfortable)!! What kind of crazy is that? I told the fitter that I seriously doubt any store would carry such a freakish size. (A few months ago I wore a 46DD comfortably.) And yes, I do have an extraordinary set of kahoonies to be stating all this publicly! Thanks for asking.

Sorry for the lack of being-aroundness. I’ve been getting one interruption after another while trying to set up the next issue of Rending the Veil, so I’m gonna be away til it’s done, which appears to be tomorrow or even Thursday. Then I’ll be back!

See you then! I have some stories lined up to tell. :)

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  1. I thought you might like to see my favorite online site to purchase such goodies (even though my figure isn’t as well-endowed as yours is (: ):


    I hope that shows up as a link. If not, just go to:


    …and search by your size, style, color preference, etc :) (See why I like it so much? :D )



  2. The Bra Doctor at http://www.nowthatslingerie.com can do a very good job of helping you fit your lingerie. She’s been working in the lingerie business for 20 years and can usually fit a bra just by looking at a picture!

  3. @Jasmine: Thanks! I’ll look into it. :applause: I appreciate the comment!

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