Expansion of Intent

Things are busy around here for the next few days. I’ve got to get the next issue of Rending the Veil done, I’m profoundly behind on my domestic duties, there’s a therapist appointment and a need to buy groceries, and I’ve received a new editing assignment from Immanion Press. So I’ve got a full plate, but since I like to keep busy and I’m in dire need of more income, I’m signing up to hopefully do some paid posts. I want to assure you that I will be honest in these posts and won’t sell a product for the sake of selling the product; I intend to accept paid assignments for products and services that I believe in and personally like. I’ll tell you more about that if and when it becomes a reality.

You can rest assured, as well, that the Meridjet content will keep on coming, and there’s a lot to write and dig out of the archives. He’s always been a rather obnoxious spirit, showing up all over the place (in dreams and out), without invitation or warning. He’s the “loudest” spirit I’ve ever encountered — his energy is strong and if he wants to be noticed, he knows how to make sure of it. He’s half poetic guru and half shameless flirt, and he’s 100% down to earth. He’s widely liked by those he talks to or meets, and in fact it’s his charm that has won me a great many of my friends over the years. I can’t wait to share more of him with you. :)

For now, though, I have to get some sleep. I will be back with stories after the magazine is finished and I’ve looked at my new assignment. Stay tuned, and if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about, feel free to comment or email me.

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