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Because I’m feeling a little whiny, and because I want to try out the WordPress 2.5 gallery feature, I’m going to share with you the pathetic state of my pantry. I wrote an email to my mom, earlier:

My cupboards are seriously bare. I’m down to odd bits like jello, margarine, and pickles, and one or two items that don’t go together — like stew meat and sloppy joe mix. Tonight I used the stew meat and made the weirdest “beef stew” you’ve ever seen. Recipe: brown 2 lbs stew meat in too much oil (to make more broth), onion, a jar of mushrooms. Add handful of bullion cubes and water. Add 1/4 bag of old frozen veggies and some old frozen-into-a-rock carrots Jesi left. Add last can green beans, can of corn, and a head of cabbage that Jesi left that was pretty gross til I peeled it down a lot. Let boil. Broth is icky and bland; add three packets beef ramen mix and a packet of “long grain and wild rice” seasoning left over from a while back when I made rice for the birds. Add last bit of flour and last bit of corn starch and a packet of chicken gravy mix. Cook a while. Kara ate two bowls. I declined. It was pretty gross. :) It did make quite a bit. I almost used the sloppy joe mix too, but I quit while at least Kara found it edible.

We’re out of bread, milk, flour, eggs. . . pretty much everything. I have a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese and a box of Hamburger Helper, a lb of burger in freezer and some chicken leg quarters. We have two meals left from those items. I haven’t had it this bad since I was married to Bob and we ate ramen and instant mashed potatoes for a month.

I’ve bought groceries [this month], but I was very careful to buy things we’d eat and things that worked together. There’s not a lot you can do without the essentials, and I am terrified of what it will cost to replace an entire stock of food once it’s all gone. heh. I haven’t seen bare shelves in years. It’s scary.

This sorry excuse for a stew isn’t the first bizarre meal we’ve concocted in the last week, and I despair at doing it again. I have to go to the food stamp office, but I’m not sure what I need to take with me. I’m still feeling lousy and today was the first time I’ve slept well in a week. I’m backwards, but I’ll try to get to the food stamps office tomorrow (today) before I give up.

Then I took pictures. (Thumbnails were NOT auto-generated. Click to see larger versions.)

First cupboard, with text descriptions.

Second cupboard, ditto.

The fridge door.

Top shelf of fridge

Bottom shelves.

Drawer one.

Drawer two.

The gallery thingy wouldn’t let me upload anything. I had to link them. I hope it turns out okay and not stupid looking. :P

I can still make pasta with sauce, and Kara can eat ramen. We can have potatoes in abundance. I’m reluctant to relive my “glory days” with my deadbeat ex, but worse things have happened, I guess. The cupboards are a lot more bare than they appear; if I took out everything that wasn’t food or that wasn’t meal-oriented, there’d be a lot less. I can still make Jello with fruit. lol

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  1. I hope you’re able to secure food stamps. Is there a farmer’s market in your area? I know the ones around here accept WIC and food stamps, and our local produce is usually better quality and cheaper than the supermarket.

    Solis last blog post..

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