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Raiding the archives for tasty bits, again. I’m in the midst of preparing the Beltane issue of Rending the Veil, so most of my attention is otherwhere this weekend (and will be in the week to come). However, due to the boooooring blogger-focused crap I’ve been posting lately, I felt that an injection of on-topic content was necessary. Meridjet has been AWOL for at least the last week; I have no idea what’s up with that, so for now it must be archival content.

From 20 October 2003:

Early yesterday evening, the pain of the Process started coming up again, and I was all despondent about it because lately when the Process comes up, Meridjet contact goes down (well, except for him being a general asshole). However, he decided to take a more direct approach this time and when we went to bed he talked to me at length, from both an emotional perspective and a logical one. Then sex, yum.

Before we went to bed, while I was still online talking to Don, Meridjet wrote me a letter. (Yeah, I have learned to multi-task. Kind of trippy.) It was the first thing he has written that was specifically addressed to me and I was really happy to get it. And I didn’t even feel any sort of doubt that he’d written it, cuz there was this very interesting sensation of “another’s emotion” all during the writing.

Today I was fine, and had no contact except for an unexpected wake-up kiss. Then tonight he came in and said we had work to do, and immediately (weirder and weirder…) the aching started up again. So he’s planning on addressing it further tonight. I could tell there was progress today though, in the areas discussed, and that was heartening to me.

The progression of learning to multi-task with regard to channeling was interesting. He has always channeled through consciously, declining to take over the body in the manner of trance channelers. (I did the trance channeling thing once with a guide of mine. For several hours one night, he used my body to talk to my roommate. When I came out of it, I had no idea what he had said.) I’ve tried to get Meridjet to do this, but he always replies that he’s here to be with me, not to displace me. I have had times when I would’ve found it reassuring for him to take over and do some things I wouldn’t remember doing. On the other hand, that could also introduce an entirely new set of problems and doubts.

After I learned to allow him to write letters or notes to me, it became an issue of setting aside the time to do so. Multi-tasking on that level is not the best option, and I am typically reluctant to indulge what feels like an effort to stroke myself by allowing him to channel to me by channeling through me, if that makes any sense. This is how I ended up inviting talented friends to channel him for me when he had things to say to me or I had questions for him that I was afraid to ask on my own, lest I color the responses unconsciously. For a while, I did question-and-answer sessions similar to the letters, but that fell off as well. Nowadays, we seem to be moving from an inactive period into a more active one, but so far we’re not doing a whole lot that comes to mind as similar to this. So far. :)

I’ll try to get a post or two done every couple of days, anyway. I’m going to take a nap, now. (I’m on an unfortunately nocturnal schedule at the moment.) Perhaps I’ll find the energy to add more later.

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