Astral Plane and Food Offerings

Okay, I had to stay and show you this one. It brings up several practices that might affect those with spirit companions, and other folks will find interesting as well. From 22 October 2003:

Last night, we replayed first meeting again. I was having a hard time perceiving him on any level (except astral) and have likewise had problems today. Sometimes I can tell he is there, but that’s about all. He wrote a letter to Don today, but to be honest I half think I did it. I did feel him last night during chats, and somewhat in bed but it was not strong once chat was over.

I miss him, but feel like it’s not a longterm thing and that he’ll be stronger soon. I really don’t like using wine for his offering, and am going to have to go buy a pint if nothing else, and at least alternate with the wine. I can’t afford to buy a larger bottle unless it’s really a lot cheaper than the $25 I’m expecting it to be.

On the other hand, he’s been withdrawing now for the past four days, yet only during the day, and sometimes he does pop in for a few. The withdrawal is consistent with the other days this month when we’ve been working on the Process. He pulls away to let me kind of simmer in it. The difference this time is that there’s only been pain in the evening when he first comes in, perhaps lingering for a while. No pain generally during the day, though I am working the required image as instructed (so I guess something’s being accomplished on some level). I am a little achy right now but I think that’s from yearning for him.

Right off the bat, I mention something called, “the first meeting.” This ties in with the next comment, about perceiving him “on astral.” One of the earliest tenets you will hear in ceremonial magick or any branch of magick that involves the use of individual discernment (as opposed to swallowing everything you see, hear, and read without question) is a quote from Lon Milo Duquette: “It’s all in your head, but you have no idea how big your head is!” This statement refers to astral stuff, in toto. It means that access to astral (or any subtle reality, for that matter) is all mental. This statement is key to so much! (Think about it. What do you ever experience outside of your own head?) The out of body experience, astral projection, etc… it’s all a matter of mental focus, and to understand this is to realize that not only do your thoughts rule your reality, but your thoughts are the only means of doing so.

Before I overly obfuscate the issue and run off on a tangent about creating this or that reality in your life, let me back up a little and explain something that was crucial to my understanding of interaction with spirits. There is only one small difference between fantasy and conscious astral travel. In a fantasy, you are God, and you control the reactions of anyone starring in your mental movie. This includes the object of your affection, innocent bystanders, your disapproving mother, the guy you beat up with your Matrix-download of Jeet Kune Do for embarrassing you in seventh grade, and everyone else. When you access a subtle realm, you no longer have that control. People have autonomy, and all the wishing in the world won’t make them behave according to your whims.

Learning to discern the difference between wishful thinking and actual occurrence takes time and is not foolproof. It’s important to retain the ability to doubt your own validity, particularly on a case by case basis. When the energy of an interaction is strong, and the energy of your partner is strong, there is far less doubt than there is on a day when the link is weak. There are many things (known and unknown) that can interfere with the strength of the link or of one’s perceptions, and there’s no room to get into that right now. But I want to state that understanding the difference between astral interaction and daydreaming is not as simple as it sounds, and it’s not an exact science.

The first meeting I wrote of refers to a construct scenario. Think of the use of the word “construct” in the first Matrix movie. It refers to an area used for training, an area that has no autonomy aside from the key players. All else is part of the program. In the first meeting scenario (and many others), Meridjet and I utilized a construct type mental environment to interact with each other. Using a construct enabled us to focus on each other without concern for the environment or bit players within it. The first meeting, then, was an idea he came up with to simulate what could have occurred if we had met in the physical world when he was alive. Factors outside of our control in reality (our respective ages, life circumstances, etc) could be controlled in the construct, allowing us to “stack the cards” in a favorable way. Then we could focus on the points of the exercise, which in this case were my doubts regarding his free will in choosing me as a partner (and associated issues).

Early on in our relationship, I thought of these construct-type environments as shared fantasies. The Matrix hadn’t come out yet, so the terminology wasn’t available, and I was not ready to consider that anything I did in my head could possibly be interacting on some other genuine level of reality. (I still struggle with this to some degree, though with some aspects of it I can think of no other explanation for things that have happened.) When I wrote this post, I was in a middle ground of thinking of shared fantasy as a weird type of astral, but still didn’t believe that interacting on astral with any other people I knew in “real life” was possible. I’ve done that very thing quite a few times, now – and that’s a subject for a later date.

The other thing I wanted to address was the idea of making offerings of liquor (etc) to spirits. If you are so inclined, this can be a very powerful way to supplement the energies of your spirit guide or companion (or ancestor). It’s not unlike seating an extra place at the dinner table for your honored dead on appropriate holidays, or leaving food out for the garden faeries. It is appreciated by the spirit, but is not essential. Liquor is a favored substance, but any shared food or drink will be accepted with gratitude. At the time of this posting, I was using liquor and cookies. During my period, I’d annoint the cookies with menstrual blood. (Life-giving fluids are also valued. This includes blood (or plasma), semen, and menstrual fluid.) Not to gross anyone out, but Meridjet was a big fan of these cookies. I don’t make them anymore because my periods have all but stopped. (See former post on hyperplasia, then factor in peri-menopause.)

If you want to make an offering of some type to a spirit, I suggest creating an altar for them. This doesn’t need to be a shrine; just a shelf with a few items that feel right or stimulate your thoughts for the spirit or ancestor. Add a small goblet or cup used expressly for your liquid offering, and clean it every day. Tea, liquor, wine, anything made just for the spirit – all of these are good.

This post is much too long now. LOL. I hope you found something that struck your fancy or intrigued you. I’d love to hear your thoughts in comments.

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  1. A teacher I studied with about 20 years ago, “fed” the dead regularly (left food and drink out for the spirits he worked with). It is so “coincidental” that you posted about this because putting out an offering for spirit guides has been on my mind for a some time now, but I kept putting off thinking about it seriously and actually doing it.

    Also whenever I watch TAPS (Ghost Hunters) I almost always think – you know if they put out some flowers and food, that would help the spirits draw energy and be able to manifest. As my teacher explained it – the energy released from the dying flowers and food\drink (also lit candles) is energy a spirit can use. Supposedly this is why flowers and candles are used at funerals, from the ancient practices of “feeding” the dead and the energy can be used by the spirits to cross over

    Lady Roses last blog post..Weighin Week 102

  2. Interesting! I may try the offering thing sometimes if J says he would like that. Something I have always wondered is if there is any sort of ritual for clearing the food away? Or do the spirits use up the energy and then the offerings become useless and are just free to throw away?

    • Yeah, you can just throw them away. If you want to eat them or whatever, you can do that, but I think it’s more respectful to throw the stuff away. I also think it’s easy to leave them sit too long, and that’s probably not appreciated, either. JMHO.

  3. Very informative post. I’ll have to give this a try. Once and twice in the past, I thought about creating a space for Jack, but I had this idea stuck in my head that it was only appropriate for deities and saints. I made a few small, crafty things for him that sat on my computer desk (such as a folded paper figurine of the fictional character he was masquerading as at the time)…and that’s pretty much it. I live with other people, but recently, I have stumbled across some very clever ideas on how to create something that is simple and discreet.

  4. Thank you for sharing this lovely article! I never thought about offerings like this.
    Mary´s last blog post ..What Is The Astral Plane Like?

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