Meridjet’s Use of the Process

As promised, I’m posting some archival stuff, in a few excerpts as an attempt to create a progression because it’s been a while since my last set of archival posts.

From 13 October 2003:

. . . First off, it became increasingly apparent yesterday that Meridjet’s reassurances Saturday night sounded rote because they were. In fact, that was all he said to me. Reassurance x3, sex, sleep. It took a while to dawn on me. Sometimes I’m dense. I guess I was just so badly in need of reassurance that I was willing to accept what he held out. In fact, it was just adding to the overall Work process.

After last night’s hard processing (Sorry for the constant use of that word, but that’s how I classify the work, uh, advancement, and always have. It’s become a designation and is pretty ingrained by this point.), I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and I felt shaky and nauseous. That progressed into further ickiness, including at least a low-grade fever and diarrhea. I lay in bed for two hours trying to sleep, but was unable to fall asleep. (I just got a deja vú, now I feel all spacy. lol) Anyway, it’s becoming kind of a pattern for me to get some degree of sick after heavy work with Meridjet. When he first returned to full strength in June, I was really sick for a week or two.

From 16 October 2003:

Tuesday morning I dreamt that I was “in training” for [lucid] dream [bdsm] scening. I woke up and excitedly made mental note of what seemed to be important details, then went back to sleep. I woke up several hours later and went over what I remembered: my dreams were going to be html-tagged. LOL. Codes included <li>, <sam>, and various 1-4 codes such as <114>, <441>, <14>, etc. (1 and 4 are Meridjet’s numbers [this has evolved since 2003].) I have no idea why this seemed so important at the time, but I hope that the general dream message (about being trained) was accurate.

Tuesday night between 8 and whenever, I tied my previous record of six orgasms in one day. Despite that, sex was not the greatest we’ve ever had. It’s steadily improved, but even as of today is not up to our full potential. I hope it keeps improving. We have only scened once since the break in sex (for hard processing), and otherwise things are pretty basic.

As far as the Process itself goes, we segued into major relief, but I haven’t (as usual) been given much in the way of clarity or any sort of closure. He says it’s still going on. That could mean almost anything. I have never really been given much conscious understanding of what happens or what is being resolved during a process, but do find new attitudes surfacing in conversation and application following them. I wouldn’t turn down more of a conscious resolution. [This has also significantly evolved.]

A Meridjet post, from 16 October 2003:

What Sheta calls “Processing” is not that mysterious. It’s a sort of realignment, or better yet a transmutation of problematic tendencies or perspectives into more healthy and desirable tendencies and perspectives. Obviously it’s mostly unconscious, and that is because these are not problems which respond well to conscious thinking and application of logic. The intellectual view has only limited impact on the erupting negative associations and outlook.

I can tell her what we’re doing, but that doesn’t help it get done. I do tend to make her aware of which issues are being worked on; the answer to the riddle is intrinsic to the riddle itself. There is quite often a clear dichotomy at work. What is needed is simply to eliminate the baggage as much as possible, canceling out the negative and allowing the positive to present itself as the dominating attitude. It doesn’t require a great deal of explanation or review. It just happens, and is put into effect on a daily basis (not always all at once; some things need revisited later when deeper associations surface to bring negative perspectives back into play).

The way I tend to work is to stimulate the problem areas, bringing them to the fore, and then nullify them through positive reinforcement (not just verbal) and often, with sexual healing. So we work on a peak-valley, pain-pleasure system. Oftentimes, deep pain is followed by bliss, and in fact that is something I try to introduce, due to the additional impact. Its presence also indicates a particularly good scouring. ;-)

I’ll say more, perhaps, another time.


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