WTF is the Blog Awards Challenge?

There’s a new site and blogging contest called “Blog Awards Challenge,” based on the internet-age-old practice of supplying writing prompts, or challenges, for community-wide use. On LiveJournal, there are several communities that do this, particularly those given over to “muses.” Muses are typically roleplay characters modeled after characters from books, movies, and television shows. The apparent goal of the Blog Awards Challenge is to award bloggers for the best writing, but as of yet there don’t appear to be any contest sponsors, professional judges, or anything aside from fellow bloggers running with a new idea. The url, the blog award challenge dot com, doesn’t match the title of the site, and a cursory look around shows that the site is run by two bloggers and allegedly aided by unknown volunteers. Whether or not they’ve actually managed to enlist any volunteers is, of course, unknown.

The rules have no posting guidelines, nothing about the parameters of qualifying posts aside from word count and language. The original posted set of percentages for judging didn’t equal 100% and had to be corrected. There’s nothing about how to promote or not promote one’s blog or what sorts of behavior warrant disqualification. Evidently, these issues will be decided on the fly. The site itself is a blog consisting of eight pages/posts, one of which is an empty “list of winners.” There is a gmail contact address, a few buttons for promotion, and a sidebar tagboard that wasn’t working as expected — a fact which wasn’t discovered until April 13, 3 months after the site launched.

Call me a skeptic, but I really think that a site proclaiming itself a judge of blogs should be a little more impressive than a something that appears thrown together on impulse.

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