Spiders Stay Outside

I intended to complete yesterday’s post, but other things got in the way and it’ll just have to wait. I am no longer quite focused in that direction. Meridjet has grown quiet over the last couple of days, though not completely silent. Last night I had dreams from which I awoke with a general understanding that there was activity worthy of note, but the details eluded me. It’s been that kind of month.

Back in Seattle, I noticed a tendency for any emotional eruption during the day to manifest that evening with a guest: a wolf spider would come into the house and run across my hardwood floors, leading me on a chase. Big suckers… The first one I saw in that house was on the fireplace wall when we walked in with our first load of stuff as we were moving in. It was easily as big as my entire hand. I killed it, but only because I couldn’t begin to imagine capturing it to put it outside. I figured it for a message, a greeting. Maybe spider is a messenger totem of mine. I’m not sure. But they show up at interesting times.

Today, in the yard I saw a very large spider of some type or other: heavy bodied, hairy, tarantula-like but too small for that. I watched him for a while but didn’t disturb him. Tonight, I had a visitor.

For the past two or three days, I’ve seen the re-emergence of my old OCD uneasiness with the edge of my blankets touching the floor. I’ve been using the laptop on the bed for the last month, and in the last couple of days, I’ve been drawing up the blankets and tucking them under my leg. I noticed it and wondered why. Tonight as I was piddling away, I happened to glance up just in time to see a spider under my dresser. The leg of the dresser is at most a foot (maybe 25 centimeters) away from my bed, and that’s where the spider was. It was crawling very slowly out from under the dresser. It was also of notable size. It passed out of view due to various odds and ends on the floor.

I reacted with alarm and called for Kara to come lend me moral support as I slowly moved stuff and checked each item for the spider: a shoe, empty; a couple of magazines; a small bead organizer with four drawers (maybe 8″ on a side); a bowl of random beads and plastic bags with completed jewelry inside; a small pile of stuffed animals I rescued the other day from under the bed where they’d fallen off on the side against the wall. No spider. This was troubling, as there were only so many places it could’ve traveled, particularly at its very leisurely pace. I got some insecticide and sprayed under the dresser. No reaction. So I sat and rethought.

Then I moved the bead box again, noticing it had crevices on the back, recessed corners for whatever reason the manufacturer elected to put them. And in the lower right-hand corner of the bead box I’d just handled, I saw the ends of two spindly legs. Waves of shivers washed over me. I’m not horribly afraid of spiders anymore; in my youth, I was terrified of them, but as I grew older I became acclimated after living in various areas with really large specimens. Nowadays, my fear is relative to the size and level of inherent danger of the spider in question. For instance, black widows freak me the hell out.

I squirted the spider and the crevice with a generous amount of insecticide. It elected to evacuate, moving a bit faster than previously. It ran about halfway to my bed and stopped. I got a very good look at it. It was very similar to a brown recluse, but I wasn’t seeing the fiddle markings. Brown recluses don’t get very large; this spider was about 3 inches across. I was still not sure, but I didn’t care to wait for it to make its next move, so I got the shoe and squash-twisted very thoroughly. Then I sprayed it again, and after a moment I squashed it some more til it came apart in pieces. Then I gathered it up with a paper towel and threw it in the trash.

Then I shuddered for a good 15 minutes.

A very extensive, frustrating Google search only gave up info and pics on the recluse for at least an hour. It seemed that there were no other brown spiders of note in existence. Finally I searched for “Texas spiders,” and finally found the culprit. Once I had the name, Kukulcania hibernalis, I found it all over, of course. Bearing the innocuous common name of “Southern house spider,” you’d think that I’d have heard of it. I’m familiar with most house spiders, but this one, no. It looks a hell of a lot like a brown recluse — blonde coloring, long, spindly legs, smooth and unmarked abdominal section… You can see a photo here.

The good news? They don’t travel in packs. But tonight, I tuck in my blankets. :)

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  1. I had a similar experience the other day I sprayed d spider with baygon waterbased insecticide it slowed down making its final last breath saying goodbye and vacuumed it.

  2. You sound as arachniphobic as me, or almost. Given that fact, I absolutely recommend that you never, ever Google the phrase ‘clock spider’.

    • Oh, now you know I had to go look…. ;) Is that the Australian spider? My friend showed me one yesterday. Horrifying!

      Nice to meet you! :D

  3. What an interesting synchronicity, as I did some long overdue trance work with Spider over the weekend.

    and as I guess I am one of those regular visitors to whom you alluded in an earlier post, hello.

    • Hi there! I’ve seen your username when I had my LJ account and used LJToys.

      Tell me more about your work with Spider! :)

      • Spider has popped up at various points in the last few years, but any work on that front never really took off. Then last week I had a dream of talking to a little spider and I commented that she seemed to like my presence or something like that. So I finally decided it was time to dive in, and I’ve only just hit the water. If more comes to share, I might just do that.

        • Great! I’d love to hear more.

          Maybe you would consider writing about it for Rending the Veil when you feel you have enough information. ;)

          • I might, though normally I don’t discuss my work in a “general” audience–I filter them on lj. I’m also in (hopefully at the end of) a period of low magical work. Frustrating but it happens.

            We shall see where things go. :)


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