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As I was Entrecard hopping today, I happened across a site where the top post was describing why it’s a good idea to de-clutter your blog. I knew mine was in need of it, particularly since I spent about half of the time of the last two weeks adding my blog to various directories and adding their widgets and clutter to my page. I knew it needed to be done, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

One page I found described the 3 easiest ways to speed up WordPress, and that was a wonderful and very simple set of ideas to follow. The page I originally landed on was also on that site, but between my first hit and the second, I landed here, where the author gives a much longer list of ideas for speeding up loading times and reducing clutter so that visitors can find your content. I don’t think it ever got so bad that one could not find my content, lol, but I was doing way too much pimping of my rank here and there for no good reason. I’m back now to my simple Feedburner subscriber count, and the rest of the widgets are gone. I’ve added tiny little banners instead. As a matter of fact, I also made one for me. See : :)

Those of you on dial up or slow connections should find the site much easier to view now. I know I do, and I’m on a cable connection… I was still having trouble viewing it.

This week is full of appointments so I’m not sure how much new content I’ll be adding, but I am quite addicted to posting here, so I’m sure you’ll see something from me. :)

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  1. aspiritsong :

    hey, this loaded just fine for me… and obviously the gimme sugar is working. :)

  2. Good for you for thinking about cleaning up your blog, putting your readers first, though I still found a lot of stuff below the post which many classify as clutter. A clock? Why is that important? Almost every style of computer has a clock in their desktop panel, so why should you have one on your blog? I’m just curious. I’ve never found a need.

    Everyone has their own view on what is clutter and what isn’t. I decide based upon what serves the reader most, not me. For example, a calendar doesn’t help. It helps you, the blogger, because you remember when you posted something, but visitors don’t know that, and readers rarely remember. If you are telling a chronological story, the order of when each section appears is more important than the date.

    Mood icons, too many words in titles in the sidebar, over use of bold and italic, the login meta data stuff, submit links, and buttons and icons replacing words where words would actually be clearer than the graphic replacements – all are considered by many to be clutter, but others find justification. It’s up to you to decide what clogs up the process of getting the readers to your content, and speeding up the page loading. Readers know the difference and appreciate it when they are directed to the content first, stuff later.

    I’m glad you are learning this same thing. It’s important to set an example on such a worthwhile site. Thanks!

    • Hi :)

      The clock came with the theme, and I just really like the look of it. It’s pretty. Dumb, I know, and I’ve debated taking it down.

      The graphics in place of words in the sidebar are for two reasons:

      1) to call attention to those particular words, and
      2) to show what fonts the theme uses as accents in the navigation bar and whatnot.

      I really want a drop box for the tags and the static pages, but I’m probably gonna have to make those myself. I hate the lists. (The tag cloud was worse, though.) I just haven’t gotten around to digging up the code for the dropboxes to declutter the menus.

      I’m a big fan of cross-indexing, and intend to do a full-fledged index by topic when I get time. And I also like a little bit of aesthetic appeal over plain and monochromatic. That’s just me. :) And the blog needs to reflect me, and speak TO me enough that I want to be here myself. I’m a right-brainer. I need to feel the zone. lol

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. There are several methods in the WordPress Codex on creating drop down menus, including an easy to use tag for drop down categories and such.

    Good luck with your cleaning, and just remember, if it benefits the reader, leave it. If it benefits you, don’t. :D

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