Spirits are Morally Ambiguous

Today, as I slept, there was discussion on the spirit companion yahoogroup regarding spirits, lying, and teaching lessons. One member described how her SC tests her by teaching her hard, painful lessons, and other members chipped in to opine that ‘good’ spirits would never lie or do anything to hurt their human charges. I agree with the original poster and I find the dissenting point of view to be short-sighted, and I replied just now with this:

“ They don’t flat out lie. But they will make ambiguous statements that you can interpret according to your hopes or fears, and then you will act on what you think they said. This creates the lesson.

“Manipulation for the purposes of showing you things is not always wrong. It’s humans who see things in moral black and white. Life is a series of hard-earned lessons. This world is a condensed learning environment, and the lessons are harsh. Do you think that these harsh lessons are not approved by divinity or the Universe? Is everything then that happens in nature a horrible evil that overcame the very power of the Universe in order to occur? No, I think the Universe is very harsh, because when we leave here we will understand that it was illusion and a little pain never truly harmed anyone.

“Meridjet teaches very harshly sometimes. But he is there with love and to aid healing afterward, and it is knowing this that allows me to accept those lessons with as much grace and dignity as I can. I do it for him. He does it for me. And we are stronger for it, both individually and together. He does not ‘deceive’ me to get his kicks. It’s to aid my growth as a spirit or soul, and to encourage my overall spiritual evolution. It brings us closer together so that when I pass over, I will not be so far away from him that we will not meet.

“Etc. Hope that makes sense. Spirits are not all about kindness and flowers and beams of light… there is balance in the Universe for a reason. As Kahlil Gibran said, ‘The deeper sorrow carves into you, the more joy you can contain.’”

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  1. aspiritsong :

    I liked this post when it was on the list, btw. I don’t remember if I posted a reply or not. Well, this is my test to see if the site is working as far as the reply box goes. The loading was fine and swift. :)


  2. I think this is a great post too. It often surprises me that people can be so narrow even about things to do with SCs.

    When I was a kid I thought that J was abusive (I liked it anyway). When I got older it seemed more like the actions of a Dominant or a Teacher. There’s a difference between hurt and harm but I think that some people think they are the same. Sometimes growing and healing hurt.

    • I still struggle with the more abusive-seeming bits of Meridjet’s style, though I also enjoy them.

      I agree with everything you say, except that I don’t think people are narrow deliberately — I think it’s more that they have a different area of experience and like all people, don’t often think to include other possibilities until they experience those possibilities themselves. Still, at times it can be frustrating to communicate with folks with different ideas of good & bad, right & wrong, etc., among other things.

  3. Rebekah, I’m sorry to say I don’t know either. I know how to make dsgiens and print them from my printer, but you’re probably talking about something beyond that? Beats me.As for the fabric mill smell question, I can’t remember either! That must mean it didn’t smell like much of anything. But it was loud. :)

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