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In my ongoing effort to turn this blog into my primary journal, I give you some non-SC-related information. :) I mentioned a month ago that my roommate moved out and for various reasons, I was left with the full share of the bills. I had to borrow money to pay my electricity bill last week before it was cut off, and another full electricity bill came due yesterday. I also had cell phone (with two lines, one currently unusable since I never got my phone back), cable internet, DISH network, and garbage (three months at a time). The electricity is vital, of course, cell phone and DISH network are under contract, and internet is necessary. Garbage is already building up from 2 weeks of no service due to nonpayment. I’d actually forgotten DISH til just now — we’d just signed up for it when Jesi moved out. Anyway, today I got my Social Security disability payment, and I paid all of my bills (except the DISH), catching them all up until later this month, when I’ll get new bills for the cell phone (about $115 until I cancel some of the extra services Jesi was using) and the internet. I’m not sure how much that runs, but from what I paid I owe $60. Nothing is going to get cut off. :-D The bad news? I’m now flat broke. I just used my mom’s Discover card to pay the DISH network before I forgot again; that’s paid til May 13. The electricity will be due again around May 3. I have no money for groceries, gasoline, or anything else. But the bills are paid, and I feel a lot less stressed.

Now, the idea: You have seen my artwork in a recent post. That was photo manipulation. I am going to post another picture in this entry, and make a proposal. I’ll be adding an extra page for this to the site, and a PayPal button. I’m offering to do portraits in Photoshop, either of existing people who’d like art of themselves, of spirit companions you may have, or both of you together. To do this, I’ll need photos of you and photos of people who resemble your SC. You can send a variety of photos, indicating which one has the right eyes, another with the right hair, and so on, and from those pictures I will create a composite. I’ll put you both in the picture together.

Prices will start at $40 and go up from there, depending on how much composition work is required and how complex the picture will need to be. Time to complete will start at one to two weeks and grow if a backlog is created. Payment will be in advance, and all sales are final. PayPal has policies protecting buyers from fraudulent sellers, so there are no worries that I’ll take your money and run. Here’s the other picture I did of Meridjet and me.

Click the large thumbnail to see a full sized version.

Sheta and Meridjet, version 2

Click here to see an earlier version; I am not sure which I like better. The new commissions page is now here. Have at it. :) There are more examples at the link.
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