Miracles Really Do Happen, Sometimes

Miracles Really Do Happen, Sometimes

Recently, as you know, my roommate moved out, which left me in a financial crisis. I’ve been working on various means to improve my situation, but none of them were moving with anything approaching warp speed. I spent most of the previous week trying to keep my power from being shut off; the agency for state aid here told me on Monday that they could definitely help me, then never called and never answered any more of my phone calls. Perhaps the guy whose voicemail I kept getting wasn’t the same guy I initially spoke to, and perhaps that guy was out of line. Perhaps something came up and the office has been uninhabited all week. All I know is that a sure thing turned into a no-thing, and so I had a middle of the week panic attack followed by a depression I’m having real trouble kicking.

When I get depressed, I lose the ability to track events and timelines, and things start to blur together. It feels like time is passing very quickly and very slowly, all at once. I worry and stress over the things that aren’t getting done even while I feel incapable of even looking at doing any of them. This past week has been just like this, and somehow the things I’d been making progress on fell apart when I wasn’t paying attention, and now I feel completely overwhelmed and incapable of approaching the problem pragmatically.

At some point during this eternal and blurred week of mostly nothing going on (I know it makes no sense, but that’s how it looks in my head), I received a MySpace email from a guy in the Austin area (I’m in the Houston area) who recently had a powerful mystical experience that changed him from an atheist to a seriously fired-up seeker overnight. We had a few conversations on Yahoo IM, and hit it off well. We share interests in the Qabalah and the tarot, and he is interested in learning how to contact a spirit he believes was involved in the aforementioned mystical experience. He’s a very skilled colored pencil artist, which is one of my passions (that I’m not very good at), and he has other interests I share, including metal work, making Ouija boards, etc.

We tossed a few ideas back and forth regarding these interests and how we could potentially benefit each other, and last night he surprised me by asking me to teach him tarot, spirit communication, and Qabalah. He offered to pay me, which is unheard of. I usually can’t even get people I help to donate anything; they get all offended by the idea that I should be paid for my work or the time I spend working with them. But he offered, and he offered me, I shit you not, $20.00 an hour. And then he sent me $200 via PayPal. I almost fell out of my chair.

I can’t get over the idea of being paid for what I love to do anyway. I’m all over it. I feel like I can’t possibly deserve this, and the pay rate is extraordinary, but I am extremely grateful to him for his generosity and his burning desire to learn. Both of these are good for me, in various ways. ;) I want to take this moment to say thank you, John. You’ve done a lot to restore my waning faith in humanity. What you said to me last night about gratitude and compassion really touched me. I so rarely hear anyone say things like that and then follow them up so intensely. I don’t like the idea of charging money, but I need it badly and I do struggle with the idea (both pro and con at various times) that my skills are as worthy of a fee as your average plumber’s skills are. I am embarrassed by the gesture, but the blush-factor is far outweighed by shock and gratitude. Thank you so much for your caring nature.

I am not the most skilled wordsmith when it comes to gracefully expressing my thanks, but I try. I am a firm believer that metaphysical teachers and aides should be compensated, but it is also a field full of charlatans who will steal you blind, so it can be a very tough call. I appreciate John’s faith in me, and I’ll do my best to make the time I spend worth every dime of his contribution.

Oh yeah, and it was my birthday. One hell of a present!

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  1. funny how things turn out to be ok in the end.
    good luck with that room mate situation.

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