Collar Me in My Dreams

Collar Me in My Dreams

Another quick archival post, that was posted as an addendum to my last post of a few minutes ago.

Just remembered. After processing dreams ended, I dreamt I went collar shopping. I tried on a metal one made of a bunch of very cool-looking links (variety of maybe four different kinds forming clusters, each link of a different type of metal) and almost got that but decided it was too necklacy. Then I moved on to leather, but all they had were pastels. *laughsnort* I was going for purple when the dream shifted and there were a bunch of zombies or some shit like that wandering around. We had to evacuate. Later there was some sexual aspect which I can’t see clearly now, but I woke up on the verge of orgasm. It didn’t happen though. Guess I’m a little frustrated.

Riiight. Orgasm is just the reaction I’d expect after being chased by zombies. Wouldn’t you? :P

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  1. Haha… chase by zoombies.. haha… that scary..
    You’ve a nice blog here.. cool blog!

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