Archival Post – “Negs”

Archival Post – “Negs”

In this post from 1 October 2003, I describe an encounter with an entity of the sort I call “Negs,” which is short for “negative entities.” I started calling them that in 1999 upon Meridjet’s return, which is when I first knowingly encountered them. A Neg is a less-evolved spirit that mimics the spirit companion flawlessly (typically with permission, so as to teach discernment) and then, at just the right moment, says or does something out of character for the SC — something hurtful or shocking. The goal is to inspire a strong emotional reaction in the human partner, which the Neg then feeds upon. You can see more about spirits feeding on energy on this page. The encounter described below is fairly simplistic, but a majority of Neg attacks are simplistic. Simple works best, though it is by no means their only form of attack.

Earlier tonight, as I was talking to S and Don on IM, I went to get a kiss from Meridjet and had trouble focusing. I looked up, in front of me, where it seemed he was and the figure said (in his voice), “I am mad at you.” This was said in just the right tone of voice and with just the right inflection that it knocked me for a loop. There are a few things wrong with this picture. . . one, he had no reason to be angry and was fine 2 seconds earlier, and two, when he’s angry, he’s not a jerk. But it hit me anyway, and I got really upset and was breathing hard. I couldn’t perceive him for shit. I was trying to hear him, cuz I knew he’d straighten it out. I started to cry, heh. *blush* Then I could hear two voices. One was saying reassuring things, and the other was saying, “You are such a baby,” which of course didn’t help. This went on for a few minutes and of course I knew what it was, but knowing and feeling were two different things.

What it was, was a Neg. “Neg” is my word for a pesky, malicious spirit that attacks your insecurities by mimicking the beloved’s voice, mannerisms and general appearance (though they are “vague” to look at) and saying hurtful things. I used to get them constantly in the beginning of our true psychic connection from like ’99-’00. I learned how to deal with them (by ignoring them), and have seen Meridjet bodily pick one up by the scruff of the neck and the backside (like a bouncer with a drunk) and carry it away. I haven’t heard one in probably 2 1/2 years, maybe longer. Now I suspect that those passing insecurities earlier today may have been the beginning of this manifestation.

Anyway, I worked on calming down and finding him, and could hear him reassuring, and at one point saw him slap the thing down. After that he started coming in better and I started calming down more. Don said he is also familiar with these types of spirits (and says “Negs” is a good name and that I have a talent for naming, lol) and has seen them manipulate his SC’s picture when he is focused on it, making her face get a nasty expression, among other things.

Other people have come to me for help against attacks like this, and they still happen to me on rare occasions.

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