A New Phase

A New Phase

As often happens when a phase of my life comes to an end, I notice new things happening and new people entering my life from all directions. Even when the ending is painful, as it was recently, the new beginnings are promising and have the potential to shift my focus from the loss to the gain, which I think is healthy. In the last couple of days, things have really started to take off in new directions, and there have been indications as well of older, treasured alliances re-emerging. Meridjet is becoming more active in my circle of friends, and he’s bringing new folks around to meet me.

I haven’t had time yet to take a good look, and when I’m not busy I tend to be very tired, but I have noticed enough to feel excited at the potential. Even my current financial crisis (with my roommate gone, I had no one helping to pay the bills that were due when she departed), it’s been easy for me to see more good than bad in my life right now. In the next couple of weeks, I will share as much as I can here.

I’d like to make this (very public) journal/blog my primary journal, which means that a lot of my internal processing and analyzing would be put here, even if it didn’t directly involve Meridjet or our relationship. I hope that my readers will feel okay with that prospect. If you have an opinion you’d like to share on the idea, you can comment at this post or email me at sheta@rendingtheveil.com.

You may have noticed the Donation buttons; these are for two reasons: One, I’m in a serious financial crisis, and two, I often counsel people with their spirit companions (SCs) and I like having a place where they can make a donation, if they like. If you find this journal helpful, illuminating, or otherwise inspiring, please know that no donations are required, but all are most welcome. I hope that the buttons are tasteful and unobtrusive enough that they won’t disturb anyone.

I’ll be in touch soon!

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