Status and woe

I’m sorry for my absence, but I’ve been neglecting all online duties due to real life exploding all around me and leaving pretty much everything in tatters. My roommate (and dear friend) and I have gone from planning for her exit in May to hastily packing her things this weekend so she can leave now. All efforts to problem-solve or to move from conflict to compromise have backfired until we strongly feel that she must leave now if we are to salvage this friendship. I love the girl to death, but we cannot see eye to eye on so many things, and worst of all, we don’t communicate to each other well. We seem to effortlessly push each others’ buttons when we are trying very hard not to do so, and the situation has become too volatile for health or happiness.

So this weekend, instead of working on Rending the Veil‘s next magazine issue, I’m helping her pack what she can fit in her car, and doing laundry and odd jobs for her while she goes around getting her car tuned up and ready for a 1700 mile journey. I’ll miss her in many ways, and I’ll miss her wonderful, sweet dog as well. But it’s really necessary at this point, and it is both time-consuming and emotionally harrowing. She’s being upheaved in every way, and I’m suffering everything from guilt and sorrow to financial panic. We’re both overwhelmed.

I’ll be back when it’s over and the dust has begun to settle. Please send positive energy for her safe journey and for true healing for all involved. Thanks.

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