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I’ve been away for various reasons, and I’m not sure how much attention my various blogs and journals will get in the immediate future, but I’ll do my best to keep up.

Recently, my friend Kinjou Ten introduced me, sort of by proxy, to Michelle Belanger, author of the book The Psychic Vampire Codex and head of House Kheperu. I had heard of her from him prior to this, and from various other folks in passing, but was only vaguely informed on what exactly House Kheperu is and what she’s like. (I know this seems perhaps off-topic for this blog, but bear with me.) The things I’d heard about their paradigm were strange and off-putting, but there was at the same time a sort of glimmer in the back of my mind that I should talk to Michelle for some reason. I just never sought her out until Kinjou insisted we had things in common and should meet.

I wrote her a couple of months ago, and as I didn’t hear back I eventually decided she must’ve declined to pursue a conversation, but after about a month I finally got a reply. She was quite personable, and eventually after about the same period of time, I remembered to write back a second time. (My email tends to reach critical mass quickly and things get buried, especially with the Keystone Kop rushing around I do in a usually failed effort to stay organized.) I hadn’t yet received another reply from her when I snagged my roommate’s recently purchased copy of the Psychic Vampire Codex to look at. Initially, I sort of bounced around through various sections, reading whatever caught my eye. I particularly enjoyed the advanced energy work sections, recognizing a lot of it. I moved into earlier parts and found that though things rang a bell, I wasn’t familiar with the context, so I started over from the beginning and began to give it a serious read. It was only today at lunchtime that I began the book, and I’m almost halfway through it now (having read for a couple of hours after I got home). I stopped a couple of hours ago to email Michelle because some of the stuff I was reading was uncanny.

In order to present this uncanny information to you folks, I have to supply the back story, which is where Meridjet, working with spirits, and the occult come into play. Quick older back story: I’ve been involved with and interested in the occult for the majority of my life, in one way or another. And, as I wrote to Michelle, “I’ve also been a palpable outsider, to the point that I distinctly remember feeling completely out of place at age 5, and the feeling has never left (for very long). I’ve never fit in anywhere, and that includes in the occult groups I’ve run across at various times. I either attract or repel at first meeting, and ‘repel’ far outnumbers ‘attract,’ at least in person. On the internet, it’s the other way around, despite that I try very hard to be utterly genuine in what I say and do online. (In person, I am very guarded til I get to know someone a bit.)” But perhaps that difference is telling. Who knows. In any case, this is all pertinent. . .

Over the years, of course, I became more intricately involved in magick and various aspects thereof, and this included meeting a lot of people similarly inclined. In my earliest serious spiritual searching, I met my friend Xanquela. I believe I’ve referred to him before. Since we met in 1984, we’ve had a tendency to spend a couple of years close to each other, then a few years separated by distance either emotional or geographical or both. (We’ve never been involved as a couple, for those wondering. And he’s gay, anyway.) He’s been one of the few social constants in my life, though, as I always knew he was there for me and didn’t judge me. He was there in 1994 when I met Meridjet, as we were housemates at the time.

When we were in the thick of the Qabalistic study that we undertook surrounding the time that Meridjet first appeared, we were doing a lot of stimulants and staying up for long periods of time. To aid our pathworking, we would play word games, both with and without Meridjet. This consisted mostly of choosing a word related to the path we were working, and then bantering “first related word that comes to mind” responses back and forth like verbal ping-pong. We also found ourselves verbalizing pretty much anything that came to mind, and one theme that emerged from this was a vision of what we felt was our “purpose.” This was in 1994, or possibly early 1995, and I had not yet been online.

This purpose manifested in my mind as a triad or what Michelle calls a “triumvirate.” (This is not to say that I necessarily fit her description, but I am going to draw some correlations.) In this mental picture, I saw us traveling, doing some sort of lecture or seminar, and meeting people who sought us out to help them. To help them, I would take energy from the person (with their permission) through a link that I initiated by the odd gesture of resting my forehead against theirs. I would then pass the energy to Meridjet, who in the vision was physical (probably because this was back when I expected him to walk-in to someone eventually), and then he did something with it and passed it to Xanquela, who finalized whatever was needed to occur. When the process was complete, we were able to direct the person in some way that assisted them in finding their purpose in life or the direction their path needed to go, or something like that. The theme became so prominent that we started to think of it as an alchemical process, and we assigned ourselves the different substances associated with alchemy: Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. As time passed, Xanquela and I went our separate ways again, I admitted to myself that he had never really felt right for the third role, and that I’d let myself feel he was right because he’d been there and was interested, etc.

Since then, I’ve come to see that whole notion as just another new, naive, magicky person who felt she had something significant to contribute to the evolution of mankind, which is something I’ve witnessed in the vast majority of occultists I’ve encountered (particularly new ones). It usually passes without fanfare or is swept under the rug with a blush and a feeling of embarrassment, as in my case. I’ve avoided even thinking in that direction since then, though as we shall see, these things have a way of lingering.

I first got online in 1998 and dove headfirst into the online magical and alt-spiritual communities. From that time, I’ve “auditioned” a whole slew of people for that third role. I’ve done much to avoid admitting this to myself, most of the time, with the occasional admission for the sake of the cause, so to speak. In my soul searching since I started to journal online, I remembered my feelings of alienation all my life, and my lifelong “quest” to find the perfect best friend, the perfect, unwavering, uber-committed person who would always believe in me and know me better than anyone. Clearly, I have found this in Meridjet, but I told myself that he wasn’t the same, because he wasn’t a physical person. I have continued to search since meeting him, and in reality, it’s probably been about the third. Now as to what the purpose may be, I have no idea.

It’s occurred to me, since I started to gain more prominent notoriety in the spirit companion subculture, that what I do when channeling Meridjet to help others is similar to what I had in that vision, minus the traveling and the him-in-a-physical-body. And minus the third, obviously. But I continue to search, and in fact having my current roommate move down here was another audition for that role (and she knew it) but, again, it didn’t pan out.

But today I read the following bit in Michelle’s book, and I sat up with a shock, as I can honestly say I’ve never encountered anything like this description, outside my own little circle. She describes three castes (roles) played by different people in her organizational family (trying for brevity here) — the Counselor, the Priest, and the Warrior. Read on —

“. . . The by-product, however detrimental to the individual, is still an integral part of the Kheprian exchange. It is another function of the caste system, and why the ideal Kheprian exchange [of energy] involves not two but three individuals, one from each caste. The energetic by-product of the Counselors is used by the Priests. The energetic by-product of the Priests is used by the Warriors. And the energetic by-product of the Warriors is used by the Counselors. Thus, the cycle is complete, and we become a microcosm of the macrocosmic ideal.

“Because of this synergistic relationship, the ideal Kheprian pairing is called a Triumvirate. When a Priest, a Warrior, and a Counselor function together in a balanced exchange, all three share the appropriate energies. In this ideal exchange, there is no harmful buildup, and there is minimal outside need. Furthermore, this special interaction creates a synergy between all three partners that heightens and refines energy, increasing its potency. Because of this natural dynamic exchange, a small amount of energy cycled through a Triumvirate has the equivalent strength and efficiency of a large quantity of unrefined energy. Thus Triumvirate work essentially produces more energy than all three partners consume. This aspect of the caste system is a uniquely Kheprian function, and it binds all three castes together in a mutually beneficial exchange.”

You may recognize some of what she says. Meridjet has said much of the same on the page on Spirits and Energy Feeding. What Michelle describes may or may not fit me; that remains to be seen. But there are certainly similarities, and some of them are stunning. I can’t wait to learn more. One final note: There is more to this than I’ve provided, but this entry is huge already. :) Anyone curious, leave a comment, and perhaps I’ll follow up in another post.

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  1. Wow, I got chills many times while reading that. I’ve had feelings of a three for many years too, I even drew pictures of me and J(SC) and another guy. When I met my husband I thought he was that other guy because he looks just like him oddly enough. It could be so but I’m not sure, he’s still quite immature.

    Sometimes in a way there seems to be a transient third person, like when working with a friend.

    I want to check out that book now. I’d love it if you made another post. :)

  2. Awesome. I’ll try to make another post soon. And I’ll keep you all posted on what Michelle says about all this. :)

    Yeah, I’ve had a bunch of transient thirds, as those “auditions,” but really crave a permanent one.

  3. I’d like to learn more about the stuff in this entry as well.

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