Sex and Memories

Sex and Memories

In a post from 21 August 2003, I was listing things from even further in the past that I had been discussing with Don in chat. A bullet list, as it was posted:

  • One time during sex, Meridjet and I spontaneously switched genders. I could physically feel the change in my body and the experience of sex as a male. It went on for a few minutes, and I consciously chose to return to normal, and then tried to switch again but was unable. Should have waited for the orgasm. . . Don speculates that we were so close, we occupied the same space, or something.
  • Meridjet does good healing. He used to take me into past abuses, sexual ones, and we’d “relive” it mentally, while he replayed the part of the guy, then he’d get me off and channel the energy into removing the pain. It requires a lot of trust. It’s been a while since we have used this technique.
  • Meridjet works extensively with my un/subconscious. He is very HGA-like, whether he is or not. Don says, “Familiar spirits who take on a guardian role are sort of like agents of the HGA.”

The first two are not the type of mystical stuff that happens very often anymore. But for the last year, our contact has been sporadic and inconsistent, so that may have much to do with my perception. This sort of break seems to occur every few years for us, particularly if you count the original break, the one I thought was permanent. After we’d known each other not quite two years, he left without much explanation. I was told by my guides at the time that it was necessary for us to split, so I thought it was forever. I experienced what seemed to be an angelic encounter a few months later wherein the angel told me that we’d be together again, and I called him a liar. (Go me for tact.)

When he eventually did return, three years had passed. After another two or so years together, he had to leave again. This was just before the Twin Towers attacks. He was gone two years this time, but I could tell he was there, sort of like a lull in conversation during a long-distance phone call. He visited on occasion, but for the most part was gone. Summer of 2003, he returned again, and the fluctuation we typically experienced off and on, with breaks in contact every few days, was gone. He was here three and a half years that time, and was mostly silent or away for about 14 months. Again, I could tell he was there, and sometimes we had excellent contact, but we really didn’t do any work or anything substantial. If he is back as he said, then his return was on 1 February of this year. I haven’t really interacted with him in about 4 days, but I don’t know if he’s pulled back again or not. I’ve been out of it myself, so it could be purely on my end.

His fade this time (a year ago) coincided with my roommate moving in. He had warned us that we may get distracted and find it too difficult to transfer working online to working in person, and that’s just what happened. When he returned, she was on vacation, and when he faded out again a few days ago, she was due to return. This could be pure coincidence, or he could have utilized the privacy to reconnect. I need to work more consciously on staying connected, and that much is certain.

I’m still really not mentally clear at all. I’m groggy, and I haven’t eaten a meal in more than two days. I intend to do that right now, and to do more in this blog as soon as I can think straight. Stay with me!

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