Bipolar Issues

Bipolar Issues

The ghost horse will come for you! ;)

It’s been HellWeek here, but I think I’ve got things down to a dull roar. I intend to post more archival stuff today, and whatever else comes up.

Last week, I had issues with my bipolar, as I’d lost my meds. I don’t know what the general impression among my readers is of bipolar, but it’s a mood disorder. I personally have only rarely had problems with mania (extreme mania is the only way it can lead to psychosis); I tend strongly to depression or mixed episodes. Losing my meds led to mood swings and crying fits. I got a new prescription and am doing much better, but with some lingering blahs. The end of the week was spent cleaning house while my roommate was out of town, and on Friday our well pump broke down so we spent the weekend without water. Today doesn’t feel at all like Wednesday. I feel like I’m just coming out of all that, but at the same time, I feel really disconnected and out of it. I was awake Saturday and Sunday with only three hours sleep between, then slept lousy on Sunday night/Monday. After being up all night Monday, I took a med yesterday that I only rarely take and it knocked me out — I slept 18 hours straight. Then today I had a three hour nap. I am still not “with it” yet. The best thing for me at this point is to just get back into doing what I usually do — sit at this computer and write. :)

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