Dream Concepts: Ever Wonder Where They Come From?

Dream Concepts: Ever Wonder Where They Come From?

Crows and ravens are very meaningful to me.

I am going through the old, locked archives again right now, trying to get some additional material into this blog. I found an interesting dream post, dated 11 August 2003. (I started at the beginning of the archives, which began November of 2002 and remain very sporadic, still, in 2003.) The “Don”; in the post is occult author Donald Tyson, who’s a good friend of ours. The post reads:

“Yesterday I wasn’t really having much in the way of contact, but at one point I perceived him standing behind me, playing with my hair. Later as I was chatting with Don, I got kind of achy for Meridjet. This happens when I am without substantial contact for a few days. I said something to Don about being mopey. Last couple of times Meridjet and I have had sex it’s been without emotional exchange and it feels rather empty that way, to me. We were discussing this and Meridjet became more substantial as well as vocal, saying I needed to trust him that there was a reason for this. He didn’t say, but ‘vibed,’ that he was working on me and that it had something to do with our upcoming attempts to let him channel through (more completely). Then he sent a little emotion and I felt somewhat better. He didn’t fade back out though. He started getting involved in the conversation with Don, and eventually ended up talking about astral pregnancy and spirit propagation, and later about a sort of spirit self-identification. We were online until about 3:20 a.m., and that was actually 5:20 Don’s time. heh. Guess he found the conversation interesting.

“I went to bed, lights out at 4:44, and dreamt a long and very elaborate dream in which Meridjet was going through some really specific, ritualistic and multifaceted process, which seemed to be for identification of correspondences. He was focused on Jey. I really suck at describing dreams that have no real correspondence in the waking world. There were a lot of brassy-looking, wheel-like devices that looked somewhat Hindu, with little square, flashing bits of the brass stuff hanging down off of them, down the full length. These were tools or databases of some kind. This was clearly a work dream (in which I feel I am somehow involved in focused work on the astral or some spiritual plane). Anyway he found the information he needed to know. The only thing I remember is three air: sylph, sylph, sylph. Considering that Jey is a sylph, I guess that’s not a big stretch. lol (Jey is the spirit companion of a former member of my list. They are the ones who quit in a huff the other day [that I wrote about yesterday], Jey tossing a curse at us on the way out. lol) I woke up at 8:00 on the nose. I was awake til about 10:30 and then finally went back to sleep and right back into work mode. I remembered some stuff when I woke up but I’ve now forgotten it. I haven’t had any conscious contact today to ask what was up with last night and what the plan is. I’m really tired cuz I only got about 6 hours sleep.”

A Work dream, in my terminology, is a dream (often barely remembered, and often without identifiable visuals) that feels uniquely active in terms of mental, emotional, or spiritual processing. Even if you awaken without memory of any describable visual element, the feeling of having been focused and busy on something of great importance is clearly recalled. These dreams usually remain mysterious and un-clarified by anyone (such as Meridjet) who could shed any light on them.

Jey was (or is, I really don’t know anymore) the spirit companion of a girl I knew for a while who was a member of my Spirit Companion Yahoogroup until just prior to the above post. She said that Jey was a sylph, an air spirit. She had made a doll of him — a life-size, rather odd doll that was equipped with a pseudo-phallus. She said that Jey would embody the doll and that she would have sex with it. (I keep stipulating, “she said” because I never witnessed these facts, personally.) It’s not my place to judge how other people find ways to enable their other-worldly relationships, but there are aspects of this couple that I wonder about now. Over the years, I’ve been exposed to many different sub-subcultures within the subculture of occultism or magick, and there’s a phenomenon known as soulbonding that may explain Jey much better.

Jey was the spitting image of Jareth from Labyrinth. His human companion, whom I will not name lest I offend her, called Jey “Jareth” in certain company; I know this because it was written on a photograph she sent me (via digital scan). If she considered him the spirit of this character, she has a soulbond. A soulbond, as you may know or may have surmised, is a fictional character come to some sort of life. Theories on how this works vary, but a couple of my personal favorites are a) a spirit who wants to connect with a particular person takes on the persona of a character that the human identifies with or is attracted to, in order to get close to that person, and b) the person creates the spirit of the character via active and obsessive focus on the energy, or egregore, of that character. The would essentially make that soulbond a tulpa or a servitor, depending on your frame of reference. (I’m sure there are other names for self-created spirits, but these are the two I’m most familiar with.)

The wheel-like things with the brass tabs dangling on them sort of looked like big Rolodexes with little bitty (maybe 1.5 inches across and 1 inch high) tabs on them. The entire wheel was made of bright and shiny brass, just like the tabs were. The tabs had braille-like markings on them, I think. Something obscure, anyway. I’m also reminded somewhat of the old computer punch-cards, but these were of course much smaller, and I don’t think they had actual holes in them. I still wonder what Meridjet was doing in that dream, and why he seemed to be researching Jey in some sort of akashic database. These analogies did not occur to me ~five years ago when I had the dream, which in retrospect is kind of interesting in itself. You’d think they’d be obvious.

I’ll be posting more archival posts tonight, I hope. Stick around.

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