Archival Post – Manifestation

Archival Post – Manifestation

He has a way of proving himself. Many of them, in fact.

This excerpt is from a locked LiveJournal post I made in July of 2003. It describes the only time that I have personally ever directly seen any physical manifestation of Meridjet.

The post reads:

“Wanted to document that the other morning as I was getting ready to go to sleep and it was light out, I saw something next to me in the bed. I was looking at the wall across the room and in the area of the left side of the bed I saw that shimmering effect like heat from the hood of a car, or from the pavement on a hot day. It was very clear and I didn’t have to relax my eyes to see it. I hadn’t been feeling Meridjet prior to seeing that but I am figuring that’s what it was (him).”

In retrospect, I still feel that it was him. He’s appeared to other people more substantially, but he’s never been one to make things easier for me than he does for others (on any level). If you’ve ever seen an aura or an etheric body, that’s what it looked like. I can see etheric bodies pretty reliably, but auras are harder. This looked like the etheric body around my hands or my desk (yeah, inanimate objects, too), but it was obviously bigger.

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